My wedding veil is a piece regarding my personal history. In cultural circle in which I was raised, veil is the oldest element of a wedding ceremony, an element that dates back to ancient times. It covered the wedding bride from head to toe, at the same time taking over the function and nobleness of a contemporary wedding dress. On one hand the veil was supposed to protect the wedding bride from leers and evil forces, becoming her comfort zone. On the other hand it was a sign that the bride is fully accepted by the groom and his family.
Being a fiancée, waiting for my wedding ceremony, I started preparing my wedding veil from scanned fragments of textiles found at my family home and from my own photographs.
My portraits used in the veil show a wide range of my emotions and they present many of my states of mind showing all ups and downs from my love life during the years. The veil presents the history of my dreams and hopes as well as my disappointments and moments of breakdowns, all of which emotionally and literally were bringing me closer to and getting me further from the moment of the wedding ceremony. Used photographs tell much more about me than my single image on the wedding day.
The work is 2 meters length, 130 centimeters width, my posture appears in a real size. The print is made on silk, 2014.